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NEW! The Pisten Bully 130D!

It is with great pride we present the following picture of our newly acquired "Pisten Bully 130D" groomer which will be used on our 12Km (and growing) trail system at Kap-Kig-iwan Provincial Park. Funding for our groomer was made possible by a grant received from "The Trillium Foundation". It should be noted that without the generosity of our own club members, either by donation or fund raising projects, along with local businesses and other clubs in the area, we would not have been able to accumulate the amount of money required to qualify for the Trillium grant. We look forward to having more snow so that we can provide you skiers with a first class trail system for your enjoyment. Please come and check us out.

We located our groomer at "Track Vehicle Repair" in the Barrie area. This company has the agency for Pisten Bully sales and services in all of Eastern Canada. A couple of delegates from our club went to Barrie in November to investigate the machine and negotiate a price. This information was brought back to the membership, voted on, and when the Pisten Bully 130D was
given a complete inspection and reconditioning, we returned to resent the cheque and arrange delivery.

Pisten Bully Groomers are built in Germany and powered by Mercedes Diesel Engines, which drive the hydraulic pump motars.This model comes equipped with an 8 position blade to assist with other grooming implements. Most newer models are quite a bit larger. We were quite fortunate to be able to obtain one this size, which fits our trails.

On our second trip to Barrie we noticed a trail packer in the shop that would fit our groomer. After a little negotiation, we were able to purchase this additional piece of equipment at a very reasonable price. The trail packer is for use earlier in the season and for new-fallen snow. It is an easy task to switch from one to the other, which includes moving the track and setting pans from one implement to the other, The large roller in the center packs the snow between the tracks, the packer behind the roller compacts the snow and with ridges on the back leaves a combed pattern on the snow before the track is set.


We were able to get our groomer transported from Barrie to Englehart between Christmas and New years. Arrival in Englehart was Friday December 29th 2006, and we were able to have it floated to the groomer shed on Saturday December 30th, 2006.


You may notice that we traded off the trailer for the track packer before we put the groomer away in the shed. The blue groomer in the background is our Old "Sasquatch".

Most of our trails have been groomed, but most places in the area, we lack the snow to set those first class trails.